’s Monthly Online Poker Payout Report

August 2018 Summary for Online Poker Websites

Ignition Poker (previously known as Bovada Poker), Chico Network (back to normal), and Grand Poker Network continue to have solid and consistent withdrawal speeds for the most part continuing into August.

The Merge Gaming Network (Carbon Poker, and Players Only) are no longer accepting new US depositing players since May 31, 2016. It’s to be determined if this is temporary or permanent, it’s been about 23 months, but regardless of what happens we do not recommend playing at any of these sites. Cash-out times continue to remain slow although they have gotten a little better the past ten months compared to what they were taking prior to that.

BetCoin closed their poker room on December 25, 2017. Full Flush Poker went offline around October 1, 2016, and they won’t be coming back. The company was running a scam operation for quite some time. Players had requested checks and/or bank wires 13-15+ months prior to them shutting down, and they never received payments.

Poker Withdraw ReportWelcome to our Monthly Online Poker Payout Report. For deposits please visit the credit card deposit guide or subsidiary options such as Bitcoin, and state specific options such as Skrill (NJ, DE & NV only). This page is updated monthly for offshore poker site online. This report doesn’t just focus on major networks but looks to have an exhaustive list of every offshore site paying US players. The sites listed here are not recommended necessarily, it’s just a list of the more popular sites people are playing at. See here for our safety requirements we go by before recommending a site.

We calculate these numbers in comparison to the quoted withdrawal times from the online rooms themselves and get our feedback from forums, industry experts and from our staff’s personal withdrawal times. Sites will be listed in terms of overall traffic. We will compare actual processing rates to the poker room’s quoted time-frames for each method and will update this report monthly.

Ignition Poker (previously known as Bovada Poker) Payout Report

Ignition Poker is the leader in US online poker markets. They have risen to become the most popular site in the American market and are the third most trafficked site in the world. Overall, their payouts have been outstanding for many years.

Method Quoted Time-Frame Fees Max Amount
Check 5-10 Days $50 $3,000
Bank Wire 5-10 Days $50, Plus Banking Fees $9,500
Rapid Transfer 3-7 Days $50 $300
Bitcoin Within 72 Hours Free $9,500

Bovada Fast PayoutsFree Payout: Ignition offers one free payout every four months on all methods besides Rapid Transfers (MoneyGram and Western Union).

August Update: Bovada Poker has turned into Ignition Poker as of September 30, 2016. Ignition/Bovada payout speeds are typically some of the fastest online, and speeds overall are slightly quicker this month than last month. They added Bitcoin as a withdrawal option in early May of 2016.

Checks were taking about 8-15 days last month, and this month they are taking around 10-16 days to reach players. Several players are getting them processed in 2-3 days, and it’s taking roughly an additional 8-13 days to receive them depending on your location.

Bank wire speeds for the most part are about the same this month as last month. They are taking around 4-7 days to reach players in most cases. In addition to the $50 fee (unless you use the free one payout every four months), there are other banking fees that are passed onto players. This option is better than checks for withdrawing large amounts, due to the $9,500 maximum withdrawal amount.

Rapid Transfer (MoneyGram or Western Union) consistently remains a quick method for processing, but players are limited to one withdrawal per month with a $300 max. They are being processed in 3-5 days, with some players receiving funds in less than 72 hours.

Bitcoin was added as a withdrawal option in early May 2016. Most players have reported receiving their funds in 10-38 hours after requesting a payout. Last month’s payout speeds were taking 7-42 hours to reach players.

The Winning Poker Network Cashout Report

The Winning Poker Network has about a dozen skins, but their flagship brands are America’s Cardroom, True Poker and Black Chip Poker. All of these sites share the same cashier and way they pay. They are near the top in terms of traffic in the US market, currently in second behind Ignition (previously known as Bovada), but have a close competitor in the Chico Network mentioned below.

Method Quoted Time-Frame Fees Max Amount
Prepaid Debit Visa Withdrawal Up to 15 Days $25 to Receive Card, $4.95 per Transaction, $4.95 Monthly Fee $2,500
Check Up to 15 Days $65 $2,995
Money Transfer Up to 15 Days $60-$110 Depending on Amount $1,500
Bitcoin Up to 48 Hours Free $25,000

Winning Poker NetworkFree Payout: Players will receive one free check each month. Free withdrawals are not available for any other methods.

August Update: The WPN has become a popular choice for players in terms of cash games and tournaments, and when it comes to payout methods and speeds they are usually on the quicker end. Overall, withdrawal times are a little faster this month compared to last month.

Checks are being received by most players in 7-13 days. These speeds are slightly quicker than last month which were taking 8-14 days to reach players. Overall, their check speeds have been quick and consistent.

Bitcoin withdrawals have gotten a little faster this month then the previous month. They are being received by players in 9-28 hours, last month’s speeds were taking 12-40 hours in most cases.

Debit card withdrawals is usually a quick method available. They are processed and reaching players accounts within 5-6 days in most incidents. However, as of early April in 2018 this method is no longer available for new players. There is a $5.00 maintenance fee each month and on each requested withdrawal.

Money transfers this month are taking 4-8 days to reach players, about the same as last month. This has been a fairly solid and consistent payout option for quite some time.

Chico Network Report

Once a larger network of sites, the Chico Network is now much smaller. and their sister site,, garner most of the signups and they have become major players in US-poker markets in the last few years. Both BetOnline and share the same cashiers for processing payments. Their rates and payout speeds have been among the best in the US market, and they are close to WPN in terms of player numbers.

Method Quoted Time-Frame Fees Max Amount
Check Within 15 Days $35 $2,500
Money Transfer Within 5 Days $26-$101 Depending on Amount $500
Bank Wire 5-15 Days $50, Plus Intermediary Banking Fees $24,900
Bitcoin Within 24 Hours 2% of Transaction Amount $10,000

Chico NetworkFree Payout: BetOnline offers one free payout per month worth $50 or less. If the payout fee is more than $50, they will deduct $50 from the processing fee and charge users the rest of the fee. Free payouts must be requested on Fridays.

August Update: The Chico Network, and more specifically BetOnline, has continued to be a strong option in recent years for players. In general, their poker player numbers are still growing, and their payout speeds are generally consistently fast. However, the site was DDOS attacked a couple months back which caused issues with logging into the site. Around August 31, 2016 they stopped charging a fee for depositing with bitcoin which was around 6%.

Check speeds are quicker this month than last month, they are reaching players in about 6-14 days, depending on your location.

Money transfer (Western Union or MoneyGram) speeds have remained pretty consistent the past several months. They are reaching most players in 4-6 days.

Bitcoin is going to be the fastest withdrawal option. Withdrawals are received by most players within 15-40 hours this month. The good news is they use to charge a 6% fee for depositing but now it’s free as of around August 31, 2016. However, they continue to charge a fee for withdrawals which is 2% unless you use the one free withdrawal per month up to $50.

Bank wire payouts are reaching player’s account fairly quickly, in about 7-8 days.

Merge Gaming Report

Merge Gaming is currently not accepting new US players as of around May 31, 2016. This could be temporary or permanent, still no word, but either way we don’t recommend any of these sites. They have many skins, but we are focusing on the cashier of, Players Only and Carbon Poker. These sites all share the same cashier. The network has dipped a lot in the past many months in regards to traffic numbers, mainly due to slower payout speeds among other things.

Method Quoted Time-Frame Fees Max Amount
Check 2-4 Weeks 3% of Check Amount $2,500
Wire Transfer 1-3 Weeks 3% of Amount, Plus Potential Banking Fees $5,000
Bitcoin 1-4 Days 3% of Amount $5,000

Merge Gaming NetworkFree Payout: Merge Gaming offers one free check payout per YEAR; your first request in each calendar year. All other check requests will come with a rather steep 3% fee.

August Update: Merge Gaming is NOT accepting new USA players at this time (as of May 31, 2016). Merge’s payout times are still slow compared to other poker websites, and we do not recommend playing at these sites. Some players are reporting that once you use bitcoin as a payout option, you will no longer be able to use checks or wire transfers as a withdrawal option. In some cases, these sites are taking down checks and wire transfer methods leaving you with bitcoin as the only option to withdrawal whether or not you have ever used that option before, which also comes with a hefty 3% fee each time.

Checks are reaching players around 17-28 days, although they were taking 10-14 weeks many months ago. Only fourteen players have reported receiving a check (that we could find) in the past 25 months.

Wire transfers are taking around 15-21 days to hit players accounts. However, you have to be lucky to receive a bank wire as only 8 players have reported receiving a wire transfer, that we could find, in the past twenty five months. This method appears to becoming obsolete at Merge Gaming.

In regards to bitcoin, it’s taking about 5-7 days to reach players and there is a 3% fee per withdrawal which is high for bitcoin. Some players are reporting that bitcoin is the only option available to withdrawal.

Horizon Network Payouts

The Horizon Network has a long history in online poker markets under several different names. They continue to operate in the US market with much success and speedy payouts for the most part, mainly Intertops. They have dozens of skins, but the most popular sites in the US market are Intertops and Juicy Stakes.


Method Quoted Time-Frame Fees Max Amount
Check 5 Days $50 $3,000
Bank Wire 10-15 Days $50 Plus Banking Fees $2,500
Money Transfer 1-2 Days $70-180 Depending on Amount $2,000
Bitcoin 48 Hours No Fees $2,500

Revolution Gaming NetworkFree Payout: Intertops offers no free payouts for players.

August Update: Intertops is as trustworthy as they come for US players. They have the acclaim of taking the first bet in online sportsbook history, all the way back in 1996. They have never slow-paid or no-paid a player in 20+ years of operations.

Things have not changed a whole lot at Intertops for quite awhile in terms of payout speeds.

Checks are taking about 6-14 days to reach players. Bank wires are coming in a few days longer than checks, which is similar to last month.

Money transfers are fairly slow compared to other sites, however. These are being processed in about one week.

Bitcoin is a newer withdrawal option they have added and players are receiving payment within 1-4 days in most cases, which is slightly faster than last month.

Juicy Stakes

Method Quoted Time-Frame Fees Max Amount
Check 9 Days $50 $1,000
Money Transfer 7 Days $85-110 Depending on Amount $890

Free Payout: Juicy Stakes offers one free check per month if you accumulate at least $40 in rake within the month. If you accumulate $80 or more in rake for the month you receive one free money transfer withdrawal up to a $500 cash-out.

August Update: Juicy Stakes is another popular skin on the Horizon Network that is frequented by US players. Current reporting from players this month has been difficult to find, but the few reports we could find are showing fairly normal payout speeds. Some players were saying many months ago that the site is telling them they can’t withdrawal their funds until they reach a certain rake amount, yet once they do then the site increases the rake again not allowing them to cash-out. This doesn’t appear to be the case with all players, but just wanted to give a heads-up.

There are no current reports that we could find from players stating when they have received checks or money transfers, but a Juicy Stakes representative mentioned withdrawal times are on pace with their quoted time-frames; take it for what it’s worth.

Grand Poker Network Report (5Dimes)

The 5Dimes Group owns the Grand Poker Network. 5Dimes is a sportsbook with a poker room and has been in business for nearly two decades. is their flagship brand, but they have several skins, which consist of,, and All of these sites share the same cashier.

Method Quoted Time-Frame Fees Max Amount
Check 7-10 Days $40-$80 Depending on Amount $7,500
Debit Card 3-5 days $15-$40 Depending on Amount $2,400
Bitcoin 24-48 Hours No Fees No Max (if used as deposit method)
Money Transfer 24-48 Hours $10-$110 Depending on Amount $2,500

Grand Poker NetworkFree Payout: 5Dimes offers one payout every 30 days for each method.

August Update: Although we aren’t finding tons of current data for this month from players reporting withdrawal speeds, 5Dimes has consistently met their time-frames for quite some time. Below are the most recent reports we could find for each method.

Checks are taking 7-14 days to reach players although some players have received checks in just five days depending on the location.

Both bitcoin and money transfers are being processed in 48 hours or less. Several players are reporting receiving funds in just 14 hours, while others are reporting 2-3 days.

It’s tough to find a better option for withdrawal speed and security than 5Dimes. Cashout Report

SWCPoker is the new name of the former bitcoin online poker room, Seals with Clubs. Seals was shut down after their owner faced legal trouble, but things are running fairly smoothly since the brand change although traffic has dropped off quite a bit.

Method Quoted Time-Frame Fees Max Amount
Bitcoin 12-36 Hours None No Max

August Update: Payout speeds have not been much of an issue at SWCPoker. They almost always meet or beat their quoted time-frame of 12-36 hours. Payouts are extremely quick and play is exclusively in bitcoin. When it’s time to cash-out, most players are reporting receiving their funds in 11-30 hours which is pretty consistent to last month.

Nitrogen is another bitcoin-based poker room with a smaller player base. However, compared to, they’re a much better option and offer quicker payouts.

Method Quoted Time-Frame Fees Max Amount
Bitcoin 1-2 Hours (sometimes instant) None No Max

August Update: Nitrogen’s withdrawal speeds are excellent. Their payouts are very fast in almost all cases, and most take no more than a few hours. Although player reports have been tough to find this month, the most recent showed it taking only 8 hours to receive funds. They may become a premier option for bitcoin-only poker if their player numbers increase. Poker

IMPORTANT UPDATE – BetCoin’s poker room is no longer in operation as of December 25, 2017. They had an online poker room based in the crypto-currency, bitcoin. Like SWCPoker, they only offered bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Traffic had been low for many months prior to them closing, and their management staff and payout speeds weren’t great.

Method Quoted Time-Frame Fees Max Amount
Bitcoin 4 Hours None No Max

BetCoin closed it’s online poker room on December 25, 2017.

Below is the last BetCoin Poker payout report through the month of November 2017:

BetCoin’s support staff is one of the poorest online. The site is riddled with complaints from all corners of the web, and they are certainly not meeting their 4 hour time-frame on a consistent basis when it comes to withdrawals. Players may have to jump through hoops to get their payouts, but they are paying players, eventually.

There’s little reason to go with these guys when there are many poker rooms that accept bitcoin and have larger player bases and faster cash-outs. Currently, a few players reporting are receiving their funds fairly quickly while most others are not; it’s all over the board. They seem to range anywhere from 10 hours to 18 days, lets just say they’re not consistent. The first withdrawal from a player takes the longest, while all withdraws following usually seem to be quicker.

Equity Poker Payout Report

IMPORTANT UPDATE – Well, we hope you were reading this report in the past to know to stay away from the Equity Poker Network, Full Flush Poker in particular, as they are no longer in operation. The site went offline around October 1, 2016, and it will not be coming back. The Equity Poker Network premiered on the scene in 2013. They went after US markets with their flagship site, Full Flush Poker. They had several other skins, including offering online poker at Heritage Sportsbook, but they left the network many months ago and no longer offer poker. The speeds listed below were from the Full Flush cashier.

Method Quoted Time-Frame Fees Max Amount
Check 13-17 Days $50 $2,499
Bank Wire 20-25 Days $65 Plus Banking Fees $4,000
Money Transfer 3-5 Days $36-$39 Depending on Amount $500

Equity Poker NetworkFree Payout: Full Flush offered no free monthly payouts to players.

Full Flush Poker, and the network, has been offline since around October 1, 2016 and they are shut down for good. We have been reporting for a long time that they were operating a scam business. Withdrawal speeds had gotten worse and worse over the 16+ months prior to them shutting down.

Below is the last Full Flush payout report through the month of September 2016:

Their actual processing time-frames are nowhere near what they are advertising.

Both checks and bank wires have been requested 13-15 months ago by players and still have not been received. It’s been a long-long time since a player has reported receiving a check or bank wire from Full Flush Poker.

Some players (very few) have reported receiving money transfers in 2-5 months via MoneyGram, but in very small amounts (usually $330). Money transfers via Western Union are in the same situation as checks and bank wires. Players have requested WU payouts 13-15 months ago and still have not received any payments.

Author: Joseph Falchetti (twitter)
(C) Copyright, 2018

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