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Online poker has been around for over ten years, and while that doesn’t seem like a long time there are a lot of subtle questions most people have when beginning their quest to online poker. Here we try to answer some of the many frequently asked beginner questions for both new players, and simply new players to online poker.
Beginner Poker Guide

New to Online Poker

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Take it Slow

Believe it or not, even skilled players lose at online poker. The quick pace is too much to handle for some people, especially if they’ve been playing at home games or at real casinos for the duration of their gaming. I find the best way to approach online poker is with a small bankroll, playing games much lower than you are used to, and gradually moving up. Even if you’re moving to one site from another, one small thing such as where the “Fold” or “All in Bet” can lose you a lot of money.

It’s kind of like reading instructions or a manual, most want to jump right in and figure it out along the way! That is a fine approach, but it’s not advised if you care about money…

Author: Joseph Falchetti (twitter)
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