Governor Supports MD Sports Betting

Several states will take the question of sports betting to the ballots on November 3rd; one of them being Maryland.  Republican Governor Larry Hogan has issued a statement where he publicly declares his support for Question 2 on the ballot. The governor said that if the bill passes, the tax revenue from sports betting would go towards Maryland’s education infrastructure.

“Question 2 provides a critical revenue source for public education without raising taxes on families and businesses,” said the governor today. “This initiative builds on the very successful ‘Hogan Lockbox,’ which puts casino revenues in a lockbox dedicated to education. We are already funding our K-12 schools at record levels, and this is another way to ensure that is the case for years to come.”

Question 2 is expected to pass, just like Marylanders approved slot machines in 2008 and table games in 2012. The latest polls show that 52% support sports betting in Maryland, while 29% directly oppose it.

One in five say that they need more information before making a final decision. Question 2 only askes Marylanders if they approve of sports betting in general. It doesn’t go into any detail regarding where it will allowed and in which format.

Questions that remain to be answered include whether Marylanders will be allowed to bet on college athletics, and whether mobile betting will be allowed.

According to Senator Craig Zucker, who sponsored a sports gambling bill in early 2020: “For the most part, people already understand that gaming is in Maryland, and when they see it, I think people will most likely be inclined to support it. Especially since the money will be going to education.”

If Question 2 passes, the legislature will probably need to hash out the details of a sports betting industry, although Senator Zucker hopes that parts of his bill (which died in the House of Delegates), could be used as a “roadmap” for a potential industry.

The campaign for a yes vote on Question 2 has received , FanDuel and DraftKings.

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