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Cardrunners….Any Good?

CardRunners is another of the new wave of poker training sites that are taking over the poker playing grassroots through offering video tutorials, forums, online chat rooms and many more little tidbits of poker information. As the online poker industry and the online gaming industry matures and develops, poker training sites are sprouting up to meet the demand from consumers looking to learn the game in a way that will allow them to play professionally.

Full Tilt Poker Owned

CardRunners is owned by the poker monolith Full Tilt Poker and as such those who have access to the site also have access to an enormous range of poker professionals and the important knowledge that they themselves have acquired though suffering their own bad beats and playing in numerous Multi Table Tournaments, Sit N Go Tournaments and at the cash game tables.

Access to Videos and Articles by REAL Pros

The CardRunners site itself looks good, it looks professional, it is heavy on flash graphics and pushes out the options to the consumer rather than making them search the site for what it is that they want to know about. The sheer number of lessons and information on the site came as a surprise. Clicking on the link “media” literally leads to the consumer being bombarded with poker information from all different kinds of sources. There are podcasts about poker, videos about poker, blogs and articles also (by real pros). The number and scale dwarf the competition and by working under the Full Tilt Poker brand they are going to be getting a lot more traffic from the site. Being a part of the Full Tilt Brand also means access to special promotions such as Fast Rake Back.

High Cost

There are some problems with the site, the signup process is both quite expensive and quite difficult to understand, and surprisingly enough quite difficult to locate in comparison to the content. It costs $100 to sign up for CardRunners unless the player is signing up for a year, then it costs $275 which is a high amount of money for a poker training site. Having said that, the price does need to be counter balanced against the wide ranging content provided here as well as the close connection to a major poker brand.

Cardrunners Pricing


Poker training sites such as CardRunners appear to be the future of the game, more and more players realize that in order to win a serious bankroll they are going to need to have serious poker playing skills. CardRunners provides the opportunity for sometime players to become professional players for a price. The price asked for by CardRunners is very high but if the return on the backend is also high then this could end up being the best investment a player can make.

Author: Joseph Falchetti (twitter)
(C) Copyright, 2018

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